Friday, July 27, 2007

The stealer of Happy Endings

The stealer of happy Endings would go into those lives which had settled into happy ever afters, and ruin them. It made the princesses fall down the stairs and find her medical insurance had just expired the previous day, ruin the friendship between decade old companions, make husbands forget anniversaries and take kids away. With long arms that could slither around corners, a walk that produced no sound and the ability to slip into shadows, it skulked about waiting for the chance to jump in and take away happiness at every turn.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The follower

Even after her father died, it followed her. She had endured the beatings he had given out, but it was determined never to let her go. It would come to her like a shadow, waving its fists at her, but they could not hurt her. Nonetheless it was unsettling, but she eventually became used to it. One day she just let the shadowy punches land on her again and again, until she no longer flinched.

The gargalaxustagus

Its only purpose this creature that was drawn to look like a bunch of mammoths sewn together carelessly was to have a name that would trip all those that tried to pronounce it.


It creeps up behind you this hairy beast and crushes you so you can't raise your hand to write a word, so heavy it is you can't even think and all you want to do is sleep.